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Open University T802 forum

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If you are studying at the Open University and you’re aiming at an MSc your last module will probably be the T802 Research project. To cite from the module page :

T802 is a compulsory module in our:

  • MSc in Engineering (F46)

T802 is an optional module in our:

  • MSc in Advanced Networking (F56)
  • MSc in Computing (F66)
  • MSc in Environmental Management (F65)
  • MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice (F47)
  • MSc in Technology Management (F36)

This module can also count towards F05, F13, F26, F37, F42 and F43, which are no longer available to new students.

There’s a preparatory website

called Preparing for T802 with a lot of helpful and important information like “Essential actions before the module start” to prepare you for the T802.


there’s an accompaining forum for current and prospective T802 students where you can find answers to questions like “How to cite from Kindle books (since there are no page numbers)?” or “This is my topic, what do you think?”.


it seems that there are only two ways to find this forum: Either by following a rather long line of module descriptions, forum posts, hyperlinks, some trial and error, fascinating redirects, and even more links, or by accident.

To help you

finding this invisible forum, here’s the link: Preparatory forum “T802 – future studies”.


I just found out the link above is no more valid. Now the forum can be found here.

So here you are: Another post with another hyperlink to help you to finally find what you were looking for: The comprehensive T802 research project forum site.